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Date: 1999-09-07 03:51:14

Hello Ruud (excuse me if this is not your first name)

I would be most interested in having a copy of the SERVER64 sources (i have
exhaustively tried to contact the auuthor with no success).  My email
address is

Having examined the sources of VC1541 and TR64 I have been developing an
emulator extending the VC1541 /SERVER64 concept.  It now reads PRG files
from D64, D71 and D81 images, with both save and load capabilities for the
"MSDOS" file system.  It still supports the LNX and T64 image formats (but
these are read-only as per the VC1541 implementation).  I have also added
command channel support for accessing things such as the RTC (on the PC
board) etc.  Development has been slow.... and I am not ready to share until
I have better compatibility across the various CBM machines (works A-Ok with
the C64, but SEQ reads have problems with the other CBM machines).  I am too
proposing the max size image of 255tracks/255sectors though the spec is not
final as I want it to be "flexible" and scalable (ie fix to 255sectors, but
determine tracks upon logging the image.  When I'm happy with the status of
an initial beta I'll perhaps up load to funet.

Marko is completely right about the ability to SAVE"filename,s",11 as I
discovered during early development ;)

A hardware implementation is certainly a good way to get faster response and
access.... a bit too tricky for me though....

- Nick
PS (sorry Guys for the long trailer that follows my messages - I can't
switch it off)
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> Hallo Nicholas,
> > There have been two nobel attempts at such emulation of the protocol
> (VC1541
> > and SERVER64), though neither has attempted to support complete direct
> > access and CPU emulation.
> FYI, the original author of SERVER64, Yvo Nelemans, dropped the project
> and 
> gave me the SRC (Turbo Pascal). Parts of this SRC I am using to devellop 
> PC-Disk 3.0. 2.0 used its own parallel cable and Kernal. SERVER64 gave me
> the 
> knowledge ho to use the IEC-bus.
> About the CMD-HD: It costs about $350,- (???) and that is too expensive
> for 
> just as hobby. And it is nothing more then a little computer plus a HD. I
> have 
> many HD and computers laying around; it only lacks the right software :(
> Trying 
> to build your own HD-system is also fun :)
> BTW, can anybody give me some info on it like what processor, frequency,
> how 
> much RAM, ROM, which I/O-ICs ar used etc. ? TXS
> Groetjes, Ruud
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