Re: Turbo232 UART Cart HDL

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 12:58:18 -0800
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On 12/12/13, 11:30 AM, Jim Brain wrote:
> I had not checked there lately.  I thought they were reducing their 65XX
> stock, but if it's still there, that's good.

Jameco has carried 65xx parts for many years but added the WDC parts just 
recently.  I would expect them to carry at least the WDC parts for a while.

> $5 is not "expensive" in absolute terms, but for $5.00 in singles, I can
> obtain a AVR ATMEGA164, which provides a whole host of features.  in ARM, I
> can get a Cortex M3 running at 50MHz with 128kB of ROM and 16kB of RAM,
> coupled with a huge host of peripherals onboard.

Sure, it depends on the goals of your project.  You said that 6551 
compatibility is very important to you.  Emulating the 6551 and its 
idiosyncrasies will take some effort and require a lot of testing with 
existing software.  A real 6551 is the most compatible and still available.

> So, in relative terms, I can
> offer a lot of functionality (dual or quad uarts, huge FIFOs, onboard tcpser
> functionality, etc. at the same cost.

I would add a large receive FIFO.  The 16550 has a 16-byte FIFO.


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