Re: Turbo232 UART Cart HDL

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 17:14:31 -0800
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Hi Jim,

On 12/10/13, 12:20 AM, Jim Brain wrote:
> Yes, but all of the SW out there for uart carts is designed to use the 6551
> (well, there might be some SW for the ide64 shortbus uart expansion, but I've
> not heard of many apps for it).

Novaterm, DesTerm 128, Dialogue 128, and ACEterm all support the 6551 
(SwiftLink or Turbo232).

Novaterm and DesTerm 128 also support the HART cartridge from Hatronics.  This 
was an 8250-based design.  It should be possible to install a 16550 in a HART 
cartridge but I haven't tried it.


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