PET CP/M Revisited

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 19:47:25 -0700
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The Z-RAM board from Madison Computer has been discussed here before.  It 
turns out there's another CP/M system for PET/CBM: the SoftBox from Small 
Systems Engineering.

I have started a page about it:

The SoftBox is an external unit that attaches via IEEE-488.  It's actually an 
IEEE-488 controller itself.  A terminal program is loaded on the PET that 
makes the PET act more like a peripheral.  The PET waits for SRQs with 
commands from the SoftBox.  The SoftBox controls IEEE-488 peripherals like 
drives and printers directly.  It also has an interface for a Corvus hard 
drive.  When used with a Corvus, the system is very fast.

It's a nice CP/M system.  I've spent some time disassembling it and have been 
working on a CBM-II port.  You can find all of that at the link above.

I have not found anyone else that has a SoftBox.  If you have one, I would 
like to hear from you.


Mike Naberezny (

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