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From: Julian Perry <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 09:20:27 +1000
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Have you checked the height of this against the "Low profile" (as
opposed to Breadbin) cases? There's significantly less room in those


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>> I disagree ;-) I believe this is a very valid approach! I definitely believe that this may be much more elegant than having your PCB routed wildly or requiring either unnecessary big routing area or more than two layers.

> I'm afraid it's still routed wildly, but at least it's manageable ;-)

> Remember also my "stackable" aproach - the hardware is divided into two
> parts, upper and lower. Upper PCB contains the important (and expensive)
> chips, whereas the lower PCB is varied according to the target board
> (0.8", 1.0", SX-64, narrow) and contains only glue TTL chips. This way
> only the small lower board needs to be changed for the target system.

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