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From: Groepaz <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 11:10:51 +0200
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On Monday 03 June 2013, you wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2013-06-02 21:07, wrote:
> > On 2013-06-02, at 20:30, Uffe Jakobsen wrote:
> >> Here you are:
> >> 
> >>
> >>
> >> 
> >> As far as I remember the "Bounty Bob Strikes Back" floppy disk was
> >> pretty hard (close to impossible) to copy back in the days...
> > 
> > And seems to remain this way ;-) At least it doesn't load on my VICE. The
> > question is of course whether this is VICE or disk image problem.
> It is not a disk image problem the image is produced with the KryoFlux
> device - it is a problem with VICE not handling G64 correct.
> I guess that you don't know about the KryoFlux/SPS edition of VICE
> You should read here:
> The download section contains info about the Kryoflux/SPS edition of
> VICE - I hope that the changes will make it into the standard VICE
> sources at some point.

they have been in vice for quite some time, try a recent snapshot :)

also, don't forget to write protect the BBSB image - else it will not work 
(and trying to load it will result in a broken g64 =P)


No matter what the anticipated result, there will always be someone eager to 
(a) misinterpret it, (b) fake it, or (c) believe it happened according to his 
own pet theory.

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