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From: Michał Pleban <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 11:42:10 +0200
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Boisy Pitre wrote:

> My main interest is in adapting the 6809 to the C-64 like I've done with =
> the Atari A8s ( <>)
> I've done a bit of research on what may be needed to do this, =
> specifically with regard to the 6510 and its built in PIA port. I'm =
> wondering what the interest level for something like this would be.

That sounds interesting. I cannot figure from your blog, whether you run
6502 and 6809 concurrently, or do you replace the 6502 CPU completely
with 6809?

With regard to the I/O lines of the 6510, as Ruud pointed out you don't
need them as long as you're happy with default memory configuration and
no tape support. But as I see you are running some advanced operating
systems on the machine, you would probably like to utilize full RAM of
the machine.

You could possibly sacrifice the User Port to drive these pins.
Otherwise you need to carve some address space for an IO controller
which would drive them.


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