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Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 20:30:11 +0000
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Forgive me for not introducing myself sooner. I've recently joined the
CBM-hackers list after having a very lucky find, but I've been a
Commodore fan for most of my life. Like so many people my age, a C64
was my first computer, and I used PETs extensively at school when
learning BASIC. I didn't see an Apple II in person until years after
I'd been bitten by the Commodore bug! ;)

Several weeks ago, I was part of an unusual group rescue of Commodore
PET and CBM computers here in the San Francisco Bay Area. A small
warehouse that had been boarded up for many years was being liquidated
through the estate of the former owner, who ran a computer service
that supported one of our local school systems in the 1980s. The
warehouse had over 100 PETs and CBMs, many 2001-8s, 2001-N32, 4032,
and 8032s.  All were in various states of working and non-working. The
word went out to the local "geek" crowd, and about 40 people showed up
to take away the computers. They were all given away free, first-come
first-serve. It was a truly remarkable event!

I came home with a 2001-N32, a 4032, and an 8032. They all had various
minor issues and needed some work (bad video ram, bad 6522, bad fuse
holder, the usual!), but I was very lucky and had all three cleaned up
and working within a week.

I did NOT come home with any disk drives or working tape drives,
however. So I immediately became interested in building my own
replacement. That led me to want to build an SD-card interface like
the uIEC or sd2iec, which I've mentioned here as well as on the
Vintage Coputer Forum. I'm very glad to see that others are working on
one as well. I hope all of us will converge on a nice solution! :)

Best wishes,

-Seth Morabito (a.k.a. Twylo on the Vintage Computer Forums)

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