rebuild of 6532 for KIM 1

Date: Sun, 19 May 2013 23:39:52 +0200
Message-ID: <000901ce54d9$725591d0$5700b570$@org>

I've started to test my vhdl code on a GODIL
It is not totally working but some functions works 

1/ I'm not provoking any crash on the bus :)
2/ the timer is not working properly but runs

This problems will be resolved in a few days.

But my main problem is the increase in power consumption
And an overheating of the regulator of my Kim 1

 (I'm not yet checked the tensions...)

From a vhdl for 6532 it is easy to write the vhdl for 6530-xxx

But inside a floppy disk is there enough place to place a GODIL ?
Almost 2cm thick...

It's also bigger than a DIL component..

Is it possible to drain more power from the power supply
Without problems ?

I'll place the file on my web site
Once I've replace the main 6532 of my KIM and be abled
To test all the functions
(for no I'm using the GODIL on the extension I/O)


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