RE: My ColourPET Project

From: Martin Hoffmann-Vetter <>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 12:18:11 +0200
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> The small monitors
> (9") work with 15,768 kHz and the fat monitors (12") use 20 kHz?

It seems the right value is 15.625 kHz. I've found a timing chart with the time 64 ┬Ás!

> If
> this is true there is an other attribute for the editor roms. What's
> about the editor rom 970150-07 for a PET PET 9" 60Hz? Are all other
> editor roms with CRTC only for 12" monitors?

I think:
All Fat PET (12") have a CRTC. Many Thin PET (9") are without CRTC. Some Thin PET with CRTC use the rom 970150-07 (60 Hz). This rom is for the universal board with CRTC. Who knows an exception? What's with the european Thin PET with CRTC?

At the MESS emulator is a rom called 901474-04o. This is the same as 901474-04 with changed values for the CRTC. This change the video timing to 15.625 kHz and 50 Hz. All this roms are for business keyboard and 80 charcters per line.

But what's about the 970150-07, a changed 901474-03 (60 Hz)? Is this a 80 characters rom, too? 80 Characters on 9" would be to small, so i would say, it must be a 40 characters rom.

Who have the content of the 970150-07?


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