Re: Replacement for broken 1541-II disk drive levers ?

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Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 09:49:46 -0800 (PST)
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On Sat, 24 Nov 2012, Miika Seppanen wrote:

> 24.11.2012 11:43, kirjoitti:
>> The last time I tried (not long ago and with a machine about 20 times the 
>> price you mentioned) the printed parts were still way off in terms of both 
>> surface quality and durability when compared to the off-tool, injection 
>> moulded ones. Sure, it may work but unless something has dramatically 
>> changed, the printed lever will both look and feel out of place /me thinks.
>>> There are lots of little fiddly parts like this on Commodore equipment.
>> Like the notorious sprocket wheels on the stepper axis of 1520.. I have 
>> several of the 1520s, all broken in the very same way :-(
> My DPS-1101 which I have owned since new has a broken gear in its paper path 
> - obviously the plastic gets more and more brittle during the years, so there 
> will probably be more and more these issues with mechanic parts. I guess 
> nowdays the reasonably priced 3D printers are not yet up to the task to make 
> these kind of parts, but when I some day get to fix this machine the 
> situation will probably be different.

The hobbyist 3D printers have pretty much overtaken the production quality 
of commercial filament fed printers.  The model I'm getting has reliably 
produced objects with a 90 micron print layer and some of the cartesian 
printers (Makerbot, RepRap, etc) have gone down to as little as 50 to 10 

If you have the specs on the gears, it would be pretty simple to print a 
few and see how they hold up.


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