Re: Replacement for broken 1541-II disk drive levers ?

From: Miika Seppanen <>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 14:43:18 +0200
Message-ID: <>
24.11.2012 11:43, kirjoitti:
> The last time I tried (not long ago and with a machine about 20 times 
> the price you mentioned) the printed parts were still way off in terms 
> of both surface quality and durability when compared to the off-tool, 
> injection moulded ones. Sure, it may work but unless something has 
> dramatically changed, the printed lever will both look and feel out of 
> place /me thinks.
>> There are lots of little fiddly parts like this on Commodore equipment.
> Like the notorious sprocket wheels on the stepper axis of 1520.. I have several of the 1520s, all broken in the very same way :-(

My DPS-1101 which I have owned since new has a broken gear in its paper 
path - obviously the plastic gets more and more brittle during the 
years, so there will probably be more and more these issues with 
mechanic parts. I guess nowdays the reasonably priced 3D printers are 
not yet up to the task to make these kind of parts, but when I some day 
get to fix this machine the situation will probably be different.


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