Re: C2N232 + cbmlink on a PET 3032 with Basic 2/4

From: A.Fachat <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 19:46:08 +0200
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Just on a side note, I have published my xd2031 firmware for the xs1541 and petSD, that allows to use the PC as harddisk for the PET.

I have an xs1541, Nils Eilers is doing the petSD port and for the next release we are working on sd-card and serial IEC support.

Just in case you have one those lying around.


Anders Carlsson <> schrieb:

>Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> 3032 (pre-CRTC, BASIC2) [..] c2n232 [..] not [..] work
>Hm, that is bad evidence. Perhaps like Marko wrote, the code should be 
>evaluated in emulation. I suppose using the secondary tape port won't
>any difference, as it isn't the actual transfer that is the problem, it
>the interception and execution of commands from the PC side.
>I'll see if I get a chance to try the VIC setup. Like I wrote, the only
>computer I remember it worked really well on was a 8032 which is a bit
>of a 
>shame as it is a cool piece of hardware. It makes me wonder about a
>or PC64 cable connected to the userport, if the cbmlink driver for
>cables has similar issues on the 3032/4032.
>Best regards
>Anders Carlsson
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