Re: C2N232 + cbmlink on a PET 3032 with Basic 2/4

From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 17:06:40 +0200
Message-ID: <CF7C5261343C4C07AEF06E52CC70807A@ryds>
Ethan Dicks wrote:

> 3032 (pre-CRTC, BASIC2) [..] c2n232 [..] not [..] work

Hm, that is bad evidence. Perhaps like Marko wrote, the code should be 
evaluated in emulation. I suppose using the secondary tape port won't make 
any difference, as it isn't the actual transfer that is the problem, it is 
the interception and execution of commands from the PC side.

I'll see if I get a chance to try the VIC setup. Like I wrote, the only 
computer I remember it worked really well on was a 8032 which is a bit of a 
shame as it is a cool piece of hardware. It makes me wonder about a prlink 
or PC64 cable connected to the userport, if the cbmlink driver for those 
cables has similar issues on the 3032/4032.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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