RE: Fun with 6530s and 6532s

From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 07:56:57 +0200
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Hallo Gordon,

> In theory, a 6532 RIOT and a small PROM can be combined
> on a little adapter board to replace a RRIOT

Unfortunately it isn't that simple, please have a look at my site:

One 6530 isn't the other. The idea with the board can only work if you
know the exact behaviour of the used 6530.

A friend of mine is going to test if the 901885-04 inside a 1001/8250LP
can be replaced by the 901885-01 from the full height 8250. Having only
one spare 901885-04 myself, I think it is time to find out myself how
this 6530 looks like. The replacement board idea worked for the KIM-1,
C= used the same idea themself (I only found out much later that my idea
wasn't that original), so why shouldn't it work here as well?

> it should be possible to do the entire work of a RRIOT with
> a relatively cheap modern FPGA, including the ROM function.

In theory yes, but there are several problems IMHO:
- modern FPGAs aren't 5V compatible and therefore need buffers. 
- they need an EEPROM to program the FPGA at power up. And during that
programming the 6504/6502 cannot start up, how are you going to tell
that the 6504/6502?
- a 6532 board can be soldered by someone with reasonable soldering
skills. The FPGA board has to be made by professionals, I wonder what
the cost will be at the end. 
- as said before, one 6530 isn't the other: how can somebody reprogram
the EEPROM so this 6530FPGA can be used in another Commodore device?
But if these problems have been solved and the price is right, I'm the
first one to buy at least two of these devices.

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