Fun with 6530s and 6532s

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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 20:07:14 -0700
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Hi all,

The current thread that discovered 6532s where 6523s had been expected
reminded me of a project I was going to undertake... until I heard that
someone was theoretically already doing it, anyway. I have a 2040 PET disk
drive (actually for practical purposes a 4040, as some prior owner
upgraded the ROMs to DOS 2.0) with a defunct 6530 RRIOT. In theory, a 6532
RIOT and a small PROM can be combined on a little adapter board to replace
a RRIOT, and in fact some later Commodore products apparently contained
such an adapter board right from the factory.

As I mentioned above, I understand someone has a project going to design
such an adapter and make them available. In thinking about what such a
thing would entail, it occurred to me that it should be possible to do the
entire work of a RRIOT with a relatively cheap modern FPGA, including the
ROM function. That's significant because just a 6532 by itself is usually
$10 or more before shipping.

Such a device as I propose would fit on a really tiny board that would be
no larger than the original 6530 being replaced. Does anyone have enough
knowledge of such devices to say whether I've had a good idea here or an,
um, very much not so good one?


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