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Simple: one or two of Jim's boards and a dip switch hot-glued to the back of 
the C64.

I have an AIM65 that selects one of four different languages in ROM on 
power-up that way, and a 2001 PET that combines the 14 ROMs of BASIC 1 and 2 
in one 27C256 EPROM, selectable with a single jumper/switch (albeit with a 
few jumpers to the main board), both using one of Jim's adapters.


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> Anyway, the point that's gotten lost in this somewhat picayune discussion
> was that instead of making your own 23xx ROM replacement board with pins &
> socket and a 74LS11, one of Jim's adapters will do nicely with maybe one 
> or
> two minor mods, and also save considerable power.

What I would need would be at least two KERANL images, plus both CHAROM and 
BASIC. But I am still waiting impatiently for someone to design the board 
that could be used to select the uploaded ROM images on power-up. This would 
be best of both worlds - power efficiency and unparalleled versatility. 


P. S. Point, which seem to be even more lost in this discussion is my 
original request for someone to check and photograph the various VIC 
revisions' output... ;-)

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