Re: Commodore 64 Ultimate Cartridge project

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2012 12:33:22 -0500
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On 5/9/2012 11:44 AM, Groepaz wrote:
> ..not to mention the fact that especially the retro community people 
> are extremely anti-drm, so you would be lucky to sell some of these 
> things at all. 

I'll echo this position.  Not only will the anti-DRM crowd skewer you in 
the forums, but it will also drive away users who aren't sure of their 
position on DRM, but grow concerned about upgrading/enhancing the device 
if your interest wanes and your web site (with the DRM keys) disappears.

For what it's worth, I chose to release both HW and any SW I have 
written as open source, even though I offer the same products for 
purchase.  In reality, the entry cost for hardware manufacturing makes 
it less than worthwhile for others to actually produce units, while 
buyers are happy the designs are available for free.  Thus, make your 
"spending cash" with the hardware sales, and be happy.

Gideon Z. (1541U) told me one that collectors will buy these items, even 
at prices like $100-$300.00, because they simply have to have them.  
Philosophically, I struggle with offering $300.00 items for a machine 
you can pick up for $10.00, but I have no doubt he is correct.  The 
Chameleon folks no doubt would agree with Gideon as well.  So, I 
wouldn't fret too much about a high price tag for a useful bit of HW.

Maybe you're an old salt with HW design and manufacturing, but if not, 
don't expect to see too much of those "spending cash" funds initially.  
As skoe notes, after lost parcels, zapped units, bad boards from the 
factory, your own stupid mistakes, custom fees, returns, wrong 
shipments, etc., you'll wonder where the money went.  Or, said in 
another way, make sure you cover your own self when pricing.  Ignore 
people who go out to digikey or farnell with your BOM and claim the 
product can be made for 1/4 or a 1/3 of the sale price.

I will say that bringing one of these things to the marketplace is a 
neat experience.  My day job is so far removed from the "line", and if 
nothing else, there is a great amount of satisfaction in taking 
something from napkin scribbles to released product.


Jim Brain

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