Re: Commodore 64 Ultimate Cartridge project

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 18:44:59 +0200
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On Wednesday 09 May 2012, you wrote:
> Hello!
> Groepaz wrote:
> > and the web script finds out about what the private key actually is...
> > how?
> We maintain a database of these keys as we sell and ship the boards.

"we" ?

> Each board has a unique serial number which corresponds to the FPGA key.

you didnt really get the point - the question remains: the script finds out 
about the serial number, how?

and no, dont answer. i know it already - because we went through all this with 
another product, and finally dropped that silly idea alltogether because it 
only means (a lot) more hazzle for the user, and increased maintenance on our 
side, which as a result would only drive up costs. not to mention the fact 
that especially the retro community people are extremely anti-drm, so you 
would be lucky to sell some of these things at all.


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