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I like this little neck of the woods the way it is. It doesn't need to be
plastered on a billboard.

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On 04/23/2012 04:24 PM, Bil Herd wrote:
> Yeah emails addresses would be bad, even captcha wrapped as people did 
> not give their permission for use.
> My goal was to expose people to the existence of the list and the 
> unique information here, maybe some valuable contributors out there also.
> I will look at formatting some strong links to the existing sites.
> Thanks,
> Bil
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> Hi Bil,
> On 2012-04-23 20:59, Bil Herd wrote:
>> Anybody see anything wrong if I make an archive or a live feed of CBM 
>> Hackers on my website?
> I'm not in any position to decide that.
> The original cbm-hackers online archive is located here:
> But as it is not full-text indexed I asked Peter Krefting who is 
> managing the archive at for permission before creating 
> a searchable mirror-archive of cbm-hackers at
> Peter was so kind to provide me with a complete msg-dump spanning from
> 1998-2011 that could be imported into the nabble engine.
> Personally I think that it would be great - but I kindly ask you to 
> mask and/or delete our email adresses so that we would not choke in 
> spam emails.
> /Uffe


I was always of the opinion from experiences I had with hardware and sceners
that I talked with and that are on the the list was more of a private affair
when I joined years back. 

So I was taught to be careful WHOM i brought here to make sure they would be
a good fit. And if someone found the list through a Google search, it would
not prevent someone from joining. 

But it would not easily allow someone to just come in and cause problems,
like other commodore lists and irc channels have had in the past.

Guys, am I wrong in this interpretation?  Some of you probably know good
examples like Lemon64 and other areas that just get fully loaded of problem
people or heated discussions. Here, its just about the hardware and how it
was design, with a collegial and respect that is earned. I don't mind if
there is a searchable archive like what was suggested from softwolves and
another one, but do we want all of the discussions out in public and having
a HERD (pun intended) of new people come running into here?

Just thought the question needed to be asked before the pandora's box was
opened. I agree with the comment, please mask, delete or some how obfuscate
the email addresses. I don't want a flood of spam.... 


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