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From: James L. Mazurek <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 12:07:47 -0500
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On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 4:04 AM, Tod D. Ihde <>wrote:

> On 4/15/2012 2:34 AM, Tod D. Ihde wrote:
>> On 4/15/2012 2:11 AM, James L. Mazurek wrote:
>>> On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 1:11 AM, Tod D. Ihde <
>>> <mailto:tihde@warmerbythelake.**com <>>> wrote:
>>> James,
>>> Wow! Thanks for the info!
>>> I grabbed ShadowM's repository, and followed Mike's instructions
>>> for setting up the DB. I also followed his instructions as a test
>>> (compile in eclipse, same result on // issuance. export build.xml,
>>> compile with ant, same results again).
>>> I know there's a bug with //who - but I can't get my server build to
>>> issue any // command without Vice / x64 bailing to a warm boot.
>>> (Yes, I am using an emulator. I don't have an RS-232 port for my 64,
>>> so Vice was the best option for me).
>>> Tod.
>>> ps.
>>> Sorry, I top-post. Feel free to yell, I can bottom-post as well.
>>> Tod,
>>> I don't know that there is any difference between ShadowM's and Mike's
>>> repositories. I guess not at the moment. I have not tried to build
>>> directly with Eclipse and have very little interest in doing so.
>>> Otherwise, our build processes via ant are the same. I suspect if the
>>> Eclipse environment and code project are set up correctly the build
>>> results should be effectively the same.
>>> I have never really investigated the // command issues. I'll see if I
>>> can reproduce your results and get back to you. I'll see if I can test
>>> on real hardware as well. VICE has known issues using nc to attach a
>>> TCP connection to an emulated RS-232 port.
>>> -Jim
>> Jim,
>> ...And now I'm bottom posting. :-D
>> Would you mind giving me a link to Mike's page / repo ?
>> I stumbled onto this when I decided to have a crack at fixing //who.
>> Silly me.
>> That would be fantastic! I can expose my server to the outside world if
>> you want to try connecting to that, as well.
>> Oh? Can you expand on that? I've used netcat very successfully with it,
>> as long as you remember to not use a source port ( -p ), and ALT-F12
>> (hard reset) between runs, it works well. Other areas of QLink seem to
>> work just fine, and connecting to ShadowM's server allows me to use //
>> commands as well.
>> Tod.
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> Jim, James,
> One final note, and I'm sorry I forgot to mention this.
> One a clean check-out from SVN, all // commands work as expected. Once I
> edit at all, including changing a log messag, the //
> commands start doing what I have described.
> Sorry - this has me baffled.
>  Tod.


Jim would you like to share the repository information with Tod?
Otherwise, I'll verify that Mike's and ShadowM's repositories match.

Have you tried a clean rebuild after you make your changes?  Just on the
off hand chance something is not being recompiled correctly.

I would avoid exposing your server.  The account creation & validation code
is currently a little draconian.  If someone connects to your QLR server
using a client disk validated at your server will
overwrite their account data on their disk preventing them from being able
to connect to their original account on So until I get
the new user / validation code I've been working on tested, approved and
committed it is not a good idea to have multiple QLR servers running live
on "The Net".

As far as the VICE & Netcat issue goes, it seems to be prone to packet loss
that causes either undefined states in the Q-Link client that causes it to
hang (most notably during login) or undefined states that hang the RS-232
emulated device (common when it first establishes the initial TCP
connection).  In the case of the VICE/RS-232 issue, it often persists
between hard resets of VICE.  Perhaps my issue is that I'm using old
verions of VICE (whichever versions that are bundled with Debian Squeeze
and Ubuntu Lucid) and the use of the source port option -p.  I was always
led to believe the -p option was necessary in VICE.  Perhaps not.  The
moral of the story is VICE is a useful tool but I consider it a second
class citizen so to speak and I don't want to invest a lot of time trying
to resolve VICE issues in favor of real hardware.

I'll try to do some testing later tonight and get back to you.


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