Re: GPIB to USB interface

From: Nate Lawson <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 09:49:01 -0700
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On Apr 15, 2012, at 7:42 AM, Jim Brain wrote:

> On 4/15/2012 4:18 AM, A.Fachat wrote:
>> Yes, the route to use CBM drives from the PC seems to be the exclusive route these days.
>> But I am also looking into using the PC as a floppy drive for my PETs.
>> I have done this over a serial line for my own 6502 operating system, so a server side is actually available. It's "just" a matter of writing an atmega client that works as drive and communicates with the PC via serial over usb.
>> I even have an XS1541 here but didn't have the time... But since my homebuilt printer-port ieee488 interface for the PC broke, and I am using cn232 with my only PC left with a serial i/f, the pressure gets stronger...
> The ZoomFloppy hardware should support using the PC as a FD/HDD, and there is plenty of room in the uC for more code.  Alas, there's no code to implement that feature as yet.
> Jim

It can, but someone would have to write the firmware and host side of things to support that.

Basically, it would be the following:

Firmware would watch ATN/RESET inputs and respond to basic drive commands (talk, listen, etc.) No need to implement more advanced stuff like M-E (memory execute).

Host would have a libusb program that polls for commands from the xum1541. Commands would correspond to the above ROM commands.

Code could probably be adapted from the sd2iec project, which provides a virtual floppy drive backed by an SD card. You would just send commands over USB to access floppy images on the host side instead of the FAT fs and SD card driver in the sd2iec.


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