Re: Converting a Commodore 64 from NTSC to PAL

From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 08:04:53 +0200
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Jeffrey Brace wrote:

> the cost of shipping overseas and customs stuff.

When it comes to customs, I think declaring a fairly low but not trivial 
value will let most packages into even the US without additional fees. 
However shipping a C64 will add some. If you import a PAL model, try to do 
it from Germany, Austria or perhaps the Netherlands as those countries tend 
to have the cheapest international shipping rates. For the same reason, 
avoid countries like the UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway and so on where 
shipping tends to be expensive.

As for the power supply, the only part I'm unsure of is whether the internal 
9VAC is dependent on the line frequency 50/60 Hz or if all such "timing" is 
determined by the chips in the computer. For normal use, you can use your 
domestic power supply that will provide the 5VDC and 9VAC the computer 

Of course if you are used to soldering and modifying, perhaps getting the 
individual components is cheaper and easier if you have multiple NTSC C64's 
with socketed VIC-II, it is a worthwhile project and exercise. If the C64 
was in any way an uncommon computer, some collectors might have objections 
about making changes to units so they no longer match factory condition, but 
since every man and his dog has a pile of them, nobody should need to worry 
about that aspect neither.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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