Re: Converting a Commodore 64 from NTSC to PAL

From: Niklas Ramsberg <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 07:35:53 +0200
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On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 6:43 AM, Jeffrey Brace <> wrote:
> I don't know. Someone thought it was the other way around. You have to find
> someone in Europe selling the C64 and deal with the cost of shipping
> overseas and customs stuff. Isn't there some issue with power supply as well
> ?

You can use a power supply made for an NTSC C64 with a PAL C64; both
computers expect the same voltages (5 VDC and 9 VAC). You can't
however use a European power supply in the US without a voltage

/Niklas Ramsberg
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