Re: IEEE Adapter

From: Nicolas Welte <>
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 08:22:37 +0100
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Hi Jim,

On 29.02.2012 08:35, Jim Brain wrote:
> I can't claim any ownership of the idea, but I am wondering if there is
> anything I should consider adding to this simplistic adapter (12/4 to
> Centronics-24)

I designed a similar adaptor a while ago, because people were regularly 
complaining the lack of PET-IEEE cables. I gave my design to Retro Donald 
to include it in his shop.

My design differs a little bit from yours, because the IEEE488 socket is 
connected upside-down, and therefore no through-holes are needed in the 
PCB. This is an advantage if someone wants to etch the PCB himself. Also, 
it gives the adaptor perfect mechanical stability because the IEEE488 
socket acts as a support to the PCB.

If you like you can use my design, but it is so simple you can redo it in 
Eagle in less than 5 minutes ;)


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