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From: Ernie Chorny <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 17:10:43 -0500
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Quite right Anders -

TPUG has PET 2 IEEE and IEEE to IEEE cables at $30 (Canadian) each plus 
shipping and handling.

The PET 2 IEEE are all Commodore branded while the IEEE to IEEE could be 
Commodore or 3rd party.

We have found that some PET 2 IEEE were manufactured with the PET 
connector "up side down" - that is the Commodore logo and part number 
(which one assumes to be the up side) had to be facing down towards the 
table or floor.

I'm sure that when these were new the "teeth" put in by Commodore 
ensured the proper orientation but over time most of these "teeth" have 
fallen out.



On 2/29/2012 3:20 AM, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Ruud wrote:
>> A user, having two or more devices, also needs an IEEE/IEEE cable.
> I believe the key here is that IEEE-IEEE cables are reasonably priced 
> and available everywhere, while card edge-IEEE cables sometimes can be 
> hard to find and I've heard there are greedy resellers asking up to 
> $100 for one! I know there are/were some cheaper sources (I'm out of 
> spares, but TPUG in Canada might have).
> So by getting an IEEE-IEEE cable and the adapter as offered by 
> Go4Retro, Retro-Donald and a couple more places, you can connect a 
> drive to your PET without getting or building a hard to find custom 
> cable.
> Best regards

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