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Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 15:48:57 -0800
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Hi Olaf,

On 2/6/12 2:42 PM, Rhialto wrote:
> And it does work in VICE, too! It reminds me of Xedit :-)
> (At my uni we also had a VM mainframe).
> During the weekend I found some small snags that would have prevented my
> emulation to work properly, but as far as I'm aware what's checked in in
> VICE now should work.


Will a version of VICE that includes this be released soon?  If not, I will 
build it from source and try it.

> Is that the same John Toebes who later got involved with Amiga software
> and Lattice/SAS C?

Yes.  He was joined on the Amiga side by the editor of "SuperPET Gazette", 
Dick Barnes, who started a journal called "The Amigan Apprentice & Journeyman".

> Removing the dongle check would have been interesting. I have
> disassembled some more code (just from the same 4K bank) and I found a
> routine that was checksumming the dongle check routine. So who knows
> what else was there to check on that, perhaps.

As you have probably discovered, the Waterloo software executes from the bank 
switched RAM at $9000.  The 3-board SuperPETs use 4116s for this memory and 
often have a bad one.  This is usually the problem when a SuperPET won't run 
the Waterloo software.  The ROMs do not test this memory.

The checks for the dongle will probably be in different locations within the 
banks at $9000 for each Waterloo program.  Since the microEditor has already 
been cracked, it might be a good idea to look at a different one like microBASIC.

There are two major versions of the Waterloo software (1.0 and 1.1).
The later version has bug fixes and adds the COBOL language.  COBOL is not on 
the power-up menu but runs when you type "cobol" at the menu.  The menu will 
actually load any filename.

I have commented disassemblies of some of the Waterloo programs from John's 
disks.  I will send those disk images soon.

Also, last month I desoldered a 6702 from one of my SuperPETs and sent it to 
Greg James of the project for chip shots.  It may take some 
time before we get them but hopefully the photos will help unlock the secrets 
to emulating it.


Mike Naberezny (

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