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Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 23:42:12 +0100
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On Sun 05 Feb 2012 at 22:47:26 -0800, Mike Naberezny wrote:
> Please see this page:
> There you'll find a D80 image with a version of the editor that was
> improved by ISPUG (International SuperPET Users Group) members.  One
> of the improvements is that the check for the dongle has been
> removed.  I've verified that the editor does start up on a SuperPET
> with the 6702 removed.

And it does work in VICE, too! It reminds me of Xedit :-)
(At my uni we also had a VM mainframe).
During the weekend I found some small snags that would have prevented my
emulation to work properly, but as far as I'm aware what's checked in in
VICE now should work.

> About a year ago, I scanned the issues of "SuperPET Gazette",
> published by ISPUG.  You can find those here:
> I then tried contacting some of the former ISPUG members mentioned
> in the newsletters.  I reached John Toebes, who had been leading a

Is that the same John Toebes who later got involved with Amiga software
and Lattice/SAS C?

> small group to disassemble the ROMs and Waterloo software.  John had
> saved his SuperPET and all his disks but his machine was no longer
> working.  I've since repaired it and sent it back to him but I'm
> still working through the disks.  The one above is from that
> collection.

Removing the dongle check would have been interesting. I have
disassembled some more code (just from the same 4K bank) and I found a
routine that was checksumming the dongle check routine. So who knows
what else was there to check on that, perhaps.

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