Re: 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz power supply

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 17:53:38 +0100
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On Thursday 02 February 2012, you wrote:
> On 02/02/2012 05:50 AM, MikeS wrote:
> > Well, yes; let me rephrase that then: the difference between 50Hz and
> > 60Hz should not matter in practice to a linear power supply.
> Depends... A 60Hz transformer run on 50Hz will go into saturation if run
> at full power and that's not a good idea. On the other hand, a 50Hz
> transformer run at 60Hz will just not be able to supply full power.
> At least that's what I was always told...

nah. the fact that many PSUs actually contain transformators that can be used 
for both 110/220v mains (and thus 50/60hz) simply by rewiring should tell you 
that there is no such problem :)


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