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From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 20:13:40 +0100
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Hello again,

For what it is worth, the Basic listing in the Swedish magazine
"Allt om Elektronik" (c:a 1982-83) is identical to the program
on Zimmers' FTP, with the exception the black background and
song title are omitted from the listing.

It is possible that Didier remembers the song in this format too,
and a 3rd party has added the song title to someone else's program
at a later stage. The magazine doesn't give any credits whatsoever
where it found the program, so it might origin from someone at
Procep and then found its way to VIC-20 users around the world.

That solved, the question is if reworking the loops would make the
song play smoother. I tried this control sequence which makes it
play a little faster but perhaps also a little smoother:

20 reada:ifa>=0thenreadb,c:poke36873+c,a:fori=1tob*13:next:goto20
23 ifa=-2andx=1then20
25 ifa=-2thenclr:x=1:goto20
35 fori=peek(36878)to0step-.05:poke36878,i:next
37 poke36874,0:poke36875,0:poke36876,0:end

Delete lines 40-60.

As a bonus, I converted the mentioned VVV song to my current music
player format. The song might be slightly shorter than the one in
the Basic listing, but thanks to being an interrupt driven routine
in machine code, at least it doesn't stutter even if the harmonies
still aren't 101%.

DASM source code available on request to anyone who wants it.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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