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From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 19:25:07 +0100
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On 11/20/2011 01:21 AM, Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hi Gerrit,
> I have two 6569R4s, 6569R4 3585 and 6569R4 4285. I will check this, but
> I think every 6569R4 and 6569R5 I have (that still works) has the colour
> $F light grey 2 pixel dots.

Interesting... I have at least two (the ones I use the most) 6569VICs 
that don't produce dots. One is a 6569R3 (2883) in Ceramic, the other is 
a 6569R5 (xx86 datecode).

> Recently I went to the trouble of documenting all my C64 board
> revisions, SID types and VIC-II types. From the info I obtained, it
> looks like MOS only made 6569R4s briefly in 1985, and then went back to
> making 6569R3s for a bit before switching to 6569R5s. There is a 6569R3
> 0586 that I think was a part fitted by a repair outfit, because it was
> in a machine with 1983 parts except for that and a 906114-01 3086 PLA. I
> would be interested to see if there are other chips out there that are
> consistent with, or contradict, this hypothesis.

I only have the one 6569R3, all others are R5 with a 86 date code. My 
collection is not as big as yours :)

Did you notice anything strange about the R4? If they went back to R3, 
there should be some kind of bug in it.

> 6567R56A 0383 Box

This one is said to produce a rather bad picture. Can you verify it?

> 6569R1 2783 C64 WG B 12356

Looks like we found the week they switched to R3 with mine being 2883.

> 6569R5 4286 64C DA5 018855 B1
> 8565R2 1087 C64 Aldi WG A 437658

I also have a 6569R5 0687, but this is on a repaired board and might be 
a spare part.


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