RE: connecting plus4 to a monitor

From: Didier Derny <>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 22:30:24 +0100
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I checked my SX64 video cable.


PIN 4   Composite Signal ouput         connected  to SCART PIN 20

PIN 3   Audio out                                     connected to SCART PIN    6  


I guess the ground signal in the scart are connected to PIN 2 of the C64 video


Any advice to make a cable for the Plus4 ?

Should I use PIN 3 (1vpp)  or 5   (0.5vpp) for audio





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The DIN on the back. The one on the left side is the RF connector.

2011/11/3 didier derny <>

is the composite video the plug on the right side 
or the DIN behind ?

I have a cable to connect my SX64 to a TV,   (din to scart)  
is it usable ?



Le 03/11/2011 14:52, Ed Johnson a écrit : 

That is nice but does not solve the problem of actually plugging it into the plus/4.

You can use just about any C64/C128 din to RCB cable sold on eBay and then

plug that into what ever device your going to use. <> &_sacat=58058&_sop=10&_odkw=commodore&_osacat=58058&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313


Best regards,

Ed Johnson


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Subject: Re: connecting plus4 to a monitor

I have one somewhere, it's a really good idea.



Le 03/11/2011 12:40, "Imre Széll"  <> <>" a écrit : 


You can connect a plus/4 just like a C64(C). I use a cheap USB video grabber bought on ebay, just like this one: .
It produces usable result on my laptop.

Best regards,

2011/11/3 didier derny <>


I've just received my plus/4
I received the plus/4 + power supply, no other cables ?

what is the best to connect it to a monitor ?
any existing tool to connect to a modern monitor (vga) ?

I think for now I'll have to use the antennae cable ?
another idea is to use an usb tuner connected to my PC ?  any chance ?

thanks  all


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