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From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 20:00:51 -0500
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I'm replying to the list, since the information has broad use:

On 8/26/2011 7:13 PM, Vanessa Ezekowitz wrote:
> I would suggest using the machined headers I routinely get from eBay for my internal Stereo SID boards (see eBay item #180632851305 or search for "machine header"), but I assumed you needed something very low profile.  That said, if your receiving holes are large enough, you can sink the tapered ends of those header strips into the board and probably get a similar effect.
> Maybe the KSA series will work?  Those are male-to-male pins, but they only come in SIP strips.   KSA014-79T would get you 14 pins for half of the socket.
I saw that.  Might go that route, but I'll send them an email to see if 
they have the DIP option.
> They also offer custom designs - they could probably turn out a standard DIP-28.
Actually. ROM-el, since it doesn't have the EPROM on top like the older 
CMD JD options, fits in the 1541-II fine.  My focus was uZoomFloppy, 
which needs to have the 6522 plugged into it.
> Interestingly, they also sell machined DIP headers (DIP-28:  RDA628-8T).  Wish I'd found those sooner.
My apologies, I should have noted to the list sooner.  I purchased 1000 
piece lots of 24 and 28 machine pin headers (like RDA624-8G and 
RDA628-8G.  I keep meaning to put them on the store, but I do have lots 
of stock (I also now have RDA640-8G) and am happy to supply at a good 
price ($.40 per 24pin, $.50 per 28, and $.70 per 40 pin)  in bulk 
purchases (batches of 10 or 20).

I also have machine pin 28 pin sockets with long leads (to use when you 
want to use the pins as passthroughs on the PCB into a socket on another 
board).  I can price those as well.

I just picked up Right Angle PCB mount IEEE-488 connectors (which are in 
the store) and can supply those in bulk at a better price than noted in 
the store.  Same for DIN6 connectors (just snagged a bunch of those at 
half the price Digikey charges), 44 pin C64 expansion port connectors, 
VIC-20 44 pin connectors, cassette port edge connectors, and 8 position 
DIP switches with piano levers (the ones used on XPander-3.  I don't 
list them on the storefront since I buy them as parts for the designs, 
but I always buy connectors in bulk.  All I ask is that folks request 
lots, not singles.

In fact, if you find you need a part and it's hard to source, send me a 
note.  I can usually justify buying a large lot to get a great price and 
sending a bunch from the lot to folks.


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