RE: Searching for any available 6530 ROM contents

From: Hoffmann-Vetter, Martin <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 09:51:04 +0200
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> And in fact, Jim Brain's "Canonical List of Commodore Computer
> Equipment", Version 2.0, printed in C=hacking Issue #15, from April
> 1998, mentions at least two 2040 disk drives with two different DOS
> versions, 1.0 and 1.2.
> * CBM 2040
>   Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.0, Off-White, No Rel Files, IEEE-488. GP
> * CBM 2040
> * Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.2, Off-White, No Rel Files, IEEE-488. GP

That's right. The question is, who is George Page (GP). He owns this disk
drives and the rare 8061, too. Is there a chance to ask him about the
differences between the dos versions?

> See also the TOC entry: " DOS 1.0 Bug Notes (2040)"

That's very interesting. But William Levak have only published the last page
(49) from this paper. Is there a source for the complete paper?

> I see some references that people back in the past wrote up articles
> about all the bugs, but I can't find the referenced articles/boot in
> electronic form.

Did you have it as paper? Can you scan it?

> At least Andrč mentioned that he wrote a tool that would be capable to
> read out even DOS 1 FDC ROMs (from the RRIOT chip).

I've seen. If time left, i try to compare.

> I see, so you hopefully get it don't with your phi2 emulation ;-)

Why that? You write "don't"... :-(


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