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Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 23:18:19 +0200
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> > Are you sure? The most sources write only dos 1 (without the dot zero)
> not
> > DOS 1.0. At
> > andre write about the first useable dos is DOS 1.2. So is think
> 901466-02
> > must be DOS 1.2. But what's about the 901466-01 and DOS 1.0?
> it seems you are right and your explanation sounds reasonable.
> And in fact, Jim Brain's "Canonical List of Commodore Computer
> Equipment", Version 2.0, printed in C=hacking Issue #15, from April
> 1998, mentions at least two 2040 disk drives with two different DOS
> versions, 1.0 and 1.2.
> 	* CBM 2040      Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.0, Off-White, No Rel Files,
> IEEE-488. GP
> 	* CBM 2040      Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.2, Off-White, No Rel Files,
> IEEE-488. GP

IIRC this was my original source for the content on my web page.

> At least Andrè mentioned that he wrote a tool that would be capable to
> read out even DOS 1 FDC ROMs (from the RRIOT chip).

I don't remember the details, but it must be the one listed here:
Not sure if it actually reads the DOS1 FDC ROM though, I never had a
DOS1 drive. It uses the $E0 drive code, which is required for the 
format code to be executed in a buffer (the format code does not fit
into the FDC ROM, so the execute drive code $E0 has to be there right
from the start with DOS1) See the DOS1 ROM listing around:

 FB2F  A5 80                LDA DRVNUM    
 FB31  09 E0                ORA #$E0       ; or with EXEC
 FB33  8D 03 10             STA JOBS      


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