RE: Searching for any available 6530 ROM contents

From: Hoffmann-Vetter, Martin <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 14:20:09 +0200
Message-ID: <000101cc5c0e$d9627e30$1b09a8c0@mhvnb10>
Hello WoMo,

> In a thread it was suspected that the RRIOT number
> 091466-01 would belong to the 2020 disk drive. But the poster (is
> this you, "HofMar", as well as the author of reference [10]?) also
> mentions that he did not see such a 2020 on his own ever.

Yes that's correct. I'm HofMar from the Forum-64.

> I don't want to open up other such speculations but I would expect
> that both chips (-01 and -02) are the same DOS version, but different
> revisions. Basically both being DOS 1.0, but the -02 with a bugfix.

Are you sure? The most sources write only dos 1 (without the dot zero) not
DOS 1.0. At
andre write about the first useable dos is DOS 1.2. So is think 901466-02
must be DOS 1.2. But what's about the 901466-01 and DOS 1.0?

We talk about the FDC rom. You can change the dos for some modification
without changing the FDC rom. It's only 1kB! Okay, if there is an error it
must be corrected. But was there errors in the fdc from dos 1?

>> At home i
>> have a 901466-02 chip, but that can't be read out in dos1.
> This is interesting. Once I read a posting from Anders Carlsson over
> here where he also told that DOS1 cannot be read out with the well
> known method from William/Olaf/Marko.

That's a goog question. I remember that some commands are missing. But if i
look at the disassembly (see above) all you need is into dos 1. If a have
time, i try it with the vice emulator.

> Do you know why this is so? Does this unability belong to executing
> job codes (let the DC execute a memory page copy routine)? Or has it
> something to do with the BC? I would like to try to find a solution
> for this within my version of the ROM copy tool.

That's a good idea.

>> I've build an
>> adapter to read it as an eprom, but i forgot to clock phi2. So i try
>> it at a later time. Or has anyone readout the 901466-02 or -01?
> That would be really great and I don't think that evereone else did it
> yet. The Zimmer's archive doesn't it now as well as other places.

Yes, i've posted last night, i want to try with a shift of the addess lines.
And so Phi2 can be connected to A0. With this clock signal i hope to readout
the 6530.

> I'm willing to extend and/or fix my dumping tool to your local needs
> (to make extracting feasible, not fulfilling all your wishes ;-) as
> long as there is a chance to get a copy of the extracted image file.

At this time, i only have the chip 6530. I found it near some other
commodore chips. So i don't have a working 4040 (or 2040) with dos 1 roms.



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