Re: Resending: Repairing a SFD-1001 (8250/LP, 8050, 4040, 3040, 2040)

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 11:23:50 -0700
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Hi Womo,

On 8/8/11 11:36 PM, Wolfgang Moser wrote:
> Maybe, if there is some interest in it and if we find solutions for all
> the other top-10 defects for all the old CBM disk drives, then a final
> 6530 replacement adapter could by available by the end of the years. But
> this would require also that someone else finds a source for 6532 chips.
> If the 6530 chips are impossible to source nowadys, the 6532 ones are at
> least very hard to find in new and factory packaged condition.

Jameco Electronics ( still carries the 6532.  The website lists 
them as pulls but I've bought several for repairs and found them to be in 
excellent condition and working.


Mike Naberezny (

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