Re: sd2iec ported to petSD

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 22:05:25 -0500
Message-ID: <>
On 5/31/2011 4:01 AM, Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:
> Another option is throwing in a bit more hardware but how much is "a bit
> more"?
Note that turning an Atmel-SD interface into a complete petSD only 
involves the IEEE connector.  No 4040/2031/etc HW required.
> Using the IDE interface I use the C= format. Why convert it to FAT16
> first? Harddisk are not meant to be removed as you do with SD-cards. I
> use a removable harddisk and of course a PC doesn't understand this C=
> gibberish so I wrote a Pascal program to exchange data.
By doing so, you lose one of the most important features of SD cards.  
Fast transfer of files without any drivers.  petSD already understands 
FAT and can understand any of the various D** image formats (D80,D82, 
more can be added in hours)


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