PC as 1541

From: Gábor Lénárt <lgb_at_lgb.hu>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 10:01:07 +0200
Message-ID: <20110426080107.GB14769@vega.lgb.hu>
Hi All,

I would like to use my PC (running Linux ...) as an 1541 which can be
accessed by CBM machines (C64 and C64 DTV - my DTV is already modded so it
has got an IEC serial bus and it's tested: it works with a real 1541) as a
regular 1541 drive.  I tried to google a bit but what I found was only the
way to connect an 1541 drive to the PC, but I have different need: I want to
to connect a CBM machine to my PC which acts like an 1541 (no additional
software needed on the CBM machine side) then.  Has anyone an idea about
this?  I have to build some kind of cable to connect for example parallel
port of the PC to the IEC connector of the CBM machine, but since I could
not find any project for this, I even don't know which cable should I build
and what software I can use at the PC side.

Thanks in advance,

- Gábor

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