Re: RGBI to VGA adapters?

From: Justin <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:20:04 -0500
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This looks to me like an RGBI to split-composite converter rather than VGA.  It is a cool analog domain hack, but VGA would definitely be superior for 80 column output, especially with the increasing lack of s-video connectors (and even VGA connectors) on modern displays.  There are various adapters on the market, but everything I have read indicates that they have poor color reproduction and visible artifacts from cheap clocks.  For the ~$100-150 price they seem very weak and I'd like to think that the RGBI signal could be sampled and regenerated as DVI for the price.

I was hoping the chameleon would handle this, but alas it will not.


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>> The forum is notorious for blocking large ranges of
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> Yes, I forgot about that. The forum owner has blocked the address
> ranges of several German and Polish ISPs because of the allegedly
> large amount of spam coming from those address ranges.
> Fortunately one of the forum users, Hydrophilic, has put up a webpage
> about C128 80 column RGBI to VGA conversion:
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