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Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 15:30:09 -0500
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If anyone on this list is interested:

Books, magazines, software, games, blank floppy disks, C64, C128,  
Amiga (used or some still new in the wrapper)

Hardware: monitors 1702, 1080, 1084, 1802, 1902, CM140, one or 2 VGA  
style Amiga monitors
C64s (coco breadbox many,many) C64cs (a few) C128s several (maybe a  
couple 128d) +/4s, C16s, Vic20s
many many many 1541s (1541c,1540) and some 1571s, 1541-IIs perhaps a  
couple 1581s, some SFD1000s
Pets 40xx some 80xx  a few Pet dual floppy drive units (mostly 4050),  
B128 (maybe 2)
Amigas 500, 1000, 2000, 2500

Chips for all these and parts parts parts

Contact raycomp@visi.com
Linda Tanner's C128 is in there some where yet to  be found.
What is not picked up or spoken for goes to electronics recycler.
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