Re: Building the ZoomFloppy slides from ECCC

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 19:03:40 +0200
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Zitat von Nate Lawson <>:

> I had a good time meeting those of you who also came to ECCC. Here are
> the slides on Building the ZoomFloppy. It is a C64-1541 interface via
> USB, which will be produced and sold by Jim Brain.
> -- 
> Nate

Hi Nate, 
I just can't wait to see the ZoomFloppy in action, I'd love to buy one.
I found out I have an unmodded 1571 at home, which I never used;
this device would be perfect to preserve all my old floppies.
I'm also proficient at coding DOS routines for the 1541, so is there any pre-
rel hardware for sale for developers?


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