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From: Nicolas Welte <>
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 07:27:05 +0100
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> - The cleaning compagny don't wants for the moment to clean 
> those computer related items "as it's obsolete material" (!)  - Does any one have any idea on technics to use for an efficient but not damaging cleanup ?At the exception of 1 CBM2001 that really went hot (tape deck & screen border's 
> plastic deformed), all the items are only more or less dirt by soot and contamined (is it the good technical term in english ?) by corrosive gaz 
> in smoke.

I can give you some information about the cleaning process used by fire 
damage cleaning companies, as we (my employer) sell these specialised 
cleaners to such companies.

To clean soot from electronics, a water based detergent can be used. It 
also removes oxidations and corrosions. It is usually applied in an 
ultrasonics equipment.

To dry the device, the device is dipped into a special hydrocarbon 
solution, the water is repelled and only the hydrocarbon remains. This can 
be dried much easier than water and since it is electrically non 
conductive, and not corrosive, a little rest remaining does no harm.

To clean metal surfaces that are corroded by HCl gas (produced by 
combustion of PVC material) there are other cleaners, like alkaline 
derusters, also applied in dip baths or ultrasonic baths (heated). This 
cleaning agent is quite aggresive and dangerous, so beware to use it at 
home ...

There are other cleaning agents for manual cleaning of
furniture etc., also able to neutralize the corrosive HCl and Chloride 
components to some extent.


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