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From: Konrad B <>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 10:22:19 +0100
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Out of the few plastic C128d-s that I've seen not a single one had 64k
VDC RAM. PAL C128D-cr had definitely (well this is what people say - I
have just a spare C128DCR PCB and it has 64k).


2009/11/30 Bil Herd <>:
> So was there a version of the C128D released that did not have 64k VDC? I.E. a non-cr?
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>> Are these "real" 128D's thought of any differently than the production ones?
>> Are they curiosities, collectors items or just old trash?
> I prefer my DCR because of the metal case and the 64K VDC RAM. The video
> differences don't make a big deal to me.

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