Re: SMD soldering?

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 20:30:40 -0600
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Nate Lawson wrote:
> Don't bother with the "soak and wick" method. The wick may suck away too
> much solder from some pins and you'll end up with a weak connection. My
> approach is to put a small amount of solder on the tip of the iron and
> just touch it to the end of the pin/pad. If you've used enough flux on
> the pins and pads, it will suck the solder off the tip and onto the pad,
> leaving a nice fillet behind the pin. If you use wick, it will remove
> that conection, leaving a very thin layer of solder on the pad and lower
> edge of the pin. That's not enough to provide much structural strength.
I'll admit the flaws, but at the smallest pitches (TSSOP and such), even 
my 1/32" pinpoint tip won't wick solder onto just one pad with that 
technique.  I do agree it works great at larger pitches, though.
> For desoldering, use ChipQuik. Works very well and no chance of damaging
> pins. But for practice boards, just use a heat gun to melt off all the
> chips.
It's somewhat expensive, though.  UNless you buy the kits for $16 + 
10.00S&H, it's $32.00 + $10.00S&H.

I doubt it'll matter to many on the list, but inexpensive rework 
stations are ~ $100.00.

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