Replacing the drive mech in a CMD HD

From: Glenn Holmer <>
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 16:32:19 -0600
Message-ID: <1257114739.6918.16.camel@cenbe>
One of my CMD HDs has failed and I'm trying to replace the mechanism,
but without success.  I acquired two Conner CFP1080S SCSI drives for
this purpose.  With either drive, on power up, the bottom green activity
light stays on steady and the top one flashes for some time; eventually
the bottom one stays on, the top one goes out, and the red error LED
flashes.  At this point, the '64 responds to JiffyDOS ctrl-D, cycling
through the device numbers and ending up at 30.  Reading the error
channel gives 78,SYSTEM ERROR,0,0.

I can load and run LLFORMAT from a 1541, with the HD on the bus, but
when putting the drive into installation mode (hold swap-8 and swap-9
while pushing reset), the error light goes out and the bottom activity
light stays on.  No device/LUN combinations are found.

I have the drives set as SCSI ID 0, and have tried all combinations of
putting termination resistors on the drive and enabling term. power, and
using a plain 50-pin SCSI cable and one that has a terminator in it.

Can anybody suggest where to go from here?

"After the vintage season came the aftermath - and Cenbe."
Glenn Holmer  (Q-Link: ShadowM)

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