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> Hallo Scott,
>> I've looked high and low for directions on alignment and setting
>> the speed on a 1541 II drive but have had no luck.
> It may sound a bit weird but I haven't any idea for the simple
> reason I never had alignment or speed problems. And if I have, I
> will try Google and comp.sys.cbm first.
some of the drive mechanisms have a little timing disk on the bottom  
of the flywheel - if yours does not:
Pg 33 of SAMs Commodore 1541 Trouble shooting & repair guide Michael  
Peltier (I have several copies in stock) - there is a little picture  
fo the wheel that you need - xerox that page cut the wheel out and  
paste it on the underside of the mech's flywheel use a flourescent  
light - put a pointer (pen,pencil, screw driver) along side the  
flywheel and see if the calibrated disk stays steady by the pointer  
or precesses/postcesses.  there is a pot on the motor control board  
to adjust the speed if the disk is not stay by the pointer.

I only know how to do the alignment with the analog calibration  
floppy diskette and an ocilloscope on the input pins of the video  
amplifiers (chips on the drive's PCB) (got this from a different  
manual including a basic listing for stepping the head in/out while  
spinning the diskette.)


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