Re: Rabbit Tape fastloader

Re: Rabbit Tape fastloader

From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 23:50:32 +0200
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Luke Crook wrote:

> I have an Aprospand card expander, a Cardco Cardboard 5 cart expander,
> and an MMC Replay. Can any of these be used to dump the cartridge?

I believe the following set of POKEs and SYS will save a memory block:

SYS 57812(N$),8,1:POKE 193,0:POKE 194,128
POKE 780,193:POKE 781,0:POKE 782,160:SYS 65496

Disclaimer: It saves the 8K memory block $8000-$9FFF.

Ethan mentioned the PET version is 4K. The VIC-20 version of the
Rabbit cartridge is only 2K, unusually mapped into I/O blocks 2+3:

Thus I wouldn't think the C64 version is larger than that, although
I'm not entirely certain which possible locations a C64 cartridge can
be mapped into except $8000 and 16K ones extending through $A000.

Anyway, even if the cartridge is autostarting I suppose you have access
to the Basic prompt to actually use it? Thus you should be able to give
the commands above and dump the cartridge itself while running, unlike
if you were going to dump a game or other autostarting cartridge.

However I found the Aprospand manual:

It suggests you can have more than one cartridge switched in. In theory
you should be able to switch in the Rabbit cartridge while running, and
instead of pressing the reset button you would dump the memory block.

Good luck!

Anders Carlsson

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