RE: 1541IDE: weird problem

RE: 1541IDE: weird problem

Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 08:00:11 +0200
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Hallo Spiro, André,

Hmm, one reply of mine is missing. Seems I again used the wrong user to reply from home :(

> are you sure the data on disk is ok? 

If you mean the original disk, yes. And the copy from the harddisk works fine as well. Just the content of the harddisk isn't loadable.

> It seems to me when you create more files such
> that a new directory block is used, the previous
> directory block becomes mangled.

Don't forget the fact that the data on another partition of the harddisk was copied, not created. So no chance that 1541IDE could mangle it. And then there is the fact that I compared various data and directory sectors of the harddisk with those of the original floppy: no differences found.

> Did the disk editor use the directory entry
> start block number?

I have two very simple readers written in Basic. One version accepts Track/Sector as input and searches in the given image using the 1541 DOS. The other version accepts LBA parameters and only uses M-R and M-W commands. And therefore is completely 1541 DOS independant.

> Long shot, and I'm not exactly familiar with 1541IDE...

If interested: 

>From $C000 on you'll find the JiffyDOS version of the 1541. There were needed, you'll find tweaks to the $8000/$BFFF area where you find the harddisk related routines. These tweaks are mainly JSR's or JMPs to keep the original ROM as intact as possible. Using both the floppy and harddisk meant I could not discard some of the original routines to free space and therefore I had to add extra ROM. Adding 16 KB means there is no need to mess around with the original ROM which means enables me to use software/cartridges, like the Power Cartridge, that depend on some of the original routines. 

Yesterday evening I got this idea to find out where it goes wrong: I try to reproduce the error with the very first version of 1541IDE. This version is as basic as possible IMHO: only the minimum is done to make it work with an harddisk instead with a floppy drive. I only have to create 17 files and see if the problems occurs here as well. If it does, I have a big, big problem. If it doesn't, I only have to find out in what following version the error is introduced.

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