Re: 1541IDE: weird problem

Re: 1541IDE: weird problem

From: André Fachat <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 12:12:00 +0200
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Hi Ruud,

are you sure the data on disk is ok? It seems to me when
you create more files such that a new directory block is used,
the previous directory block becomes mangled.
IIRC 8 directory entries are in a block.

Did the disk editor use the directory entry start block number?
If not, the start block in the directory entry could have been

Long shot, and I'm not exactly familiar with 1541IDE...


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> Betreff: 1541IDE: weird problem

> Hallo allemaal,
> Testing the version with harddisk and floppy I encountered a weird
> problem. 
> I tried to load '64 DOCTOR V1.1', a test program written in Basic, 83 
> blocks big. But it only took a fraction of a second to load. Suspicious I 
> listed it and only got a line with rubish.
> Trying to load one of the files on the second page of the directory I got 
> as listing: '8244 DOCTOR V1,1'. 8244 in hex is 2034 or '<space>4' -> '4 '.
> Thinking of a read or write error I scratched the file, loaded '64 Doctor'
> from the original disk and saved it as '64DOCTOR'. Now the listings showed
> '17460 OCTORCLOSECLOSECLOSE <etc.>'. FYI: CLOSE = 160, shifted space. And 
> 64DOCTOR wasn't loadable as well. 
> Regarding the listings: IMHO a program lists the name of the first program
> of the next directory sector. 
> A disk editor showed nothing wrong with the file itself. After copying the
> data from the harddisk to another floppy, loading a file from this floppy 
> was no problem. So the problem lays in how the harddisk part of 1541IDE 
> handles the data, not in the data on the disk.
> Next I created a new partition and started to save the well known 'UNI-
> COPY' from Commodore as 'F1', 'F2', 'F3' etc. etc. The moment I saved F17,
> F9..F16 became unloadable. F17 was still loadable. Saving more files, 
> F17..F23 became unloadable the moment I saved F24. Weird exception of the 
> rule: F1..F8 remained loadable all the time.  
> Deleting all the files from F10 on didn't change things: F9 still wasn't 
> loadable.
> A long shot, but you never know: Does anybody know where I could have gone
> wrong?
> This all means I have to start debugging the loading proces. But to be 
> honest, I have no idea how a file is loaded. Until now I didn't have to; I
> only had to intercept the proces the moment the hardware was involved. I 
> think I know where to start but any info in the form of which subroutines 
> are run and in which order are welcome; it could save me some time. TIA!
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